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Retail Consulting Group provides services to OEM and New Car Dealers in a variety of Consulting roles that are processed based. While efficiency and profit are always a major consideration, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are the areas we focus on with most dealership engagements.

Additionally, we measure Standards related performance for manufacturers.

Some of these Standards are measured during on-site dealership visits with complete reporting back to the manufacturer and dealer.

Other measurements are conducted in the form of "Mystery Shops" via visits, phone or email. In all cases we simulate a customer contact to learn how well the dealership is meeting certain standards.

The content of these "Mystery Shops" are flexible enough to gain a variety of information and is adequately disguised as to not reveal the source of the contact in order to get an accurate response.

Our team is also in a position to provide a variety of services for the Manufacturer in the form of dealership visits. These visits can be in a variety of roles including audit, inventory and customer interface.

With the experience based of our Field Representative being automotive based, the team is comfortable in interacting both with customers as well as dealership personnel.

With a team of over 70 Field Representatives located in major markets across the US it is convenient to disburse a professional to a dealership location generally without undue travel cost.

We do utilize a sophisticated scheduling system for keeping track of team member availability. This scheduling system is available to be used in any major team member scheduling activity.

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